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Our fine art gourds are gourd art gallery  quality. The gourd  design is pyro-engraved with heat onto the surface. With the use of dyes and permanent inks we color the gourd designs. Then they are carved and inlayed with your choice or ours with semi-precious stones. Our artists can add copper, silver, or gold leaf as you prefer, as well as leather, turquoise, deer antlers, and other materials. All of our designs are inspired by Nature, Native American, Asian, and Southwestern cultures.

What is Gourd?...

Gourd Art' Gourds are a fruit, not eatable. When dried the fruit is called a gourd, it drys to a woodsy shell. At this point it is much the same as a turned wooden bowl. Our gourds are created by using an ancient form of art that has been dated back to 11,000 BC. The Gainesville Museum in Gainesville, Florida, has such a gourd on display depicting a human sacrifice. Visit our online gourd store today for an original gourd from our creative artists. Should you not see what you are looking for, call us perhaps we can creative it specially for you.

Fine Gourd ART at Your Fingertips...

Normally, our fine art gourds are displayed at regional art shows, but now you can view and purchase our items from the comfort of your own home! Our award-winning gourds have been turning heads for many years. Since 2007, the gourds and other items we make have won Best of Show or First Place at a number of Art and Craft Shows.